The contents of a counselling, intake or psychological assessment are confidential. Both verbal and written records about a client cannot be shared with another party without the written consent of the client or the client's legal guardian. I require a signed consent to release/exchange information form from the client or his/her legal guardian before any information about a client is obtained or released. Please know you have the right to withhold or withdraw consentat any point during the service delivery process.

Noted Exceptions to Confidentiality

  • I am required to inform a potential victim of violence of a client's intent to harm.
  • I am required to inform an appropriate family member, health care professional or police of a client's intention to end his or her life.
  • I am required to inform Child and Family Services if there is suspicion of a child being at risk or in need of protection due to neglect, or physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
  • I am required to release records of a client when requested by court order.
  • As a registered psychologist, the College of Psychologists of Ontario may review my individual client files to ensure that I am following professional standards.
  • I am required to report a regulated health professional who has sexually abused a client to the professional's regulatory body.